Botox Discontinuation

We regret to announce that we have had to make a decision that will no doubt impact quite a few of who are suffering from migraine and/or chronic muscle spasm/contraction.

From this point forward, Michigan Pain Consultants will only be able to perform Botox injections if the medication has been supplied by the patient.

What would this look like in action? In this new protocol, patients would take a written or electronic prescription (that we can provide) to their pharmacy, purchase the Botox, and then bring it with you to your appointment for us to mix and inject.


Take advantage of the online services offered by our practice with the assurance that all of your information is encrypted and stored securely. myMPC is an online portal to a free, secure patient website that allows you to conveniently manage your personal health, pay your bills and request prescription refills. Simply follow the link below to create your individual myMPC account to begin using our online services.

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