Category: Painful Conditions

Post Thoracotomy Pain Syndrome

While surgery and surgical procedures have become specialized and involve as little tissue damage as possible, they nonetheless involve the cutting, removing and suturing of skin, muscles, nerves and other structures. Therefore some surgical procedures can cause chronic pain due to the trauma of the procedure. Post thoracotomy pain is an example of pain associated… Read more »

Trigeminal Neuralgia

This pain occurs in branches of the trigeminal nerve that courses along the sides of the face. The trigeminal nerve arises at the side of the head and has three branches that extend on the upper aspect of the face, around the eye, the cheek and along the jaw. Trigeminal neuralgia involves irritation along one… Read more »


Shingles is an infection of an individual nerve root by the same virus that causes chicken pox, also known as the herpes zoster virus. The disease can be painful and can develop almost anywhere in the body, but is most commonly displayed on the face, chest and abdomen. A day or two after the pain… Read more »

Compressed Vertebra

The vertebral column is a series of 24 bones, muscles and ligaments that protect the nerves of spinal cord. Each bone is called a vertebra. The vertebra is about the size of a child’s toy block, only round. Behind this body of the vertebra is the spinal cord followed by a roof of bone called… Read more »