Michigan Pain Consultants (MPC) is committed to finding treatments to best serve our diverse patient populations’ needs. Our goal is always to get the heart of the matter quicker so that patients can have a better quality of life despite having chronic pain. We currently offer many helpful chronic pain treatments; and now MPC is on the leading edge of innovation by additionally offering clinical trials. Clinical trials help new, effective treatments, medications, and devices come onto the market, which in turn provides all chronic pain patients with more options for achieving a better quality of life.

MPC offers different types of clinical trial: medications, devices, treatments, and observational. There are different trials happening at any given time. Select the area that best fits your needs to find out if there is a trial in which you could potentially participate. If you’re not sure if a device or medicine trial is right for you, review all the areas to become familiar with your options. Once you select an area, there will be more information for each available clinical trial. If you would like to see what other options are available throughout the USA, you can go to www.clinicaltrials.gov to search under different conditions.