Botox Discontinuation


Dear Patients: I’ve really enjoyed writing my thoughts on various aspects of chronic pain management in this space. It’s interesting and uplifting to talk about the positives in pain management, how this relatively young specialty continues to evolve, and how treatments we can offer are improving and expanding. When I compare where we are today… Read more »

Try Your Best To Stay Operational

Stay Operational

Dear Patients: As you well know, the pandemic forced us to stop all procedures and all office visits for a few weeks. Thanks to our staff, we are getting up and running again. We cannot promise to be at full speed yet, but so long as the nation as a whole keeps the virus cornered,… Read more »

Gratitude In A Time Of Crisis

Gratitude in a time of crisis

Dear Patients: As we all continue to go through an unprecedented national crisis, the clinical and management staff at Michigan Pain Consultants have been working non-stop to get our feet back underneath the practice and return to what we do best: treat pain. It continues to be a challenge, partly because these waters are uncharted.… Read more »

Chronic Pain And Depression

chronic pain and depression

If you have chronic pain, it’s completely normal, and even appropriate, from time to time to be frustrated and angry and sad. If you have a good healthy system already in place that you can use to pull out of a funk, you have little reason to worry about your mental health. Some of my… Read more »

Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits - Basch's Blog

Dear Patients: I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of self-improvement. What we call “self-improvement,” is much akin to what the ancient Greeks thought of as a part of personal excellence. The Greeks felt that when a person chooses to strive against himself or herself as much as he or she strives against others, the… Read more »