Interventional Pain Management

Everyone experiences pain – backache, headache, joint pain – at some point in their life. Most often there are simple reasons for the pain, such as a minor injury, stress or overuse of a muscle or joint. Generally, the pain resolves within a week or less using traditional pain treatments. But what if your pain… Read more »


Control. That may be one thing few of us feel during the current pandemic. Many aspects of our lives seem beyond our control, at the mercy of a strange virus and its accompanying restrictions. Some good news. If you are experiencing chronic pain, here’s an area where you can actually take some control by use… Read more »

Call to Action to Secure Patient Access to Care

Call to Action to Secure Patient Access to Care

On June 10, 2021, a new proposed Medicare LCD (Local Coverage Determination) policy aimed at limiting patient access to interventional pain procedures was set in motion. This proposed nationwide Medicare policy contains many tedious preauthorization requirements that will detrimentally affect the patient’s ability to access pain care. At a minimum, in order to be scheduled… Read more »

Text Neck

Text Neck

Long before the cell phone was invented we were often instructed in our youth to sit up straight and be sure not to slouch. Those statements are even more relevant today as countless individuals are experiencing health issues related to the significant use of smart phones and tablets. Text neck describes a repetitive stress injury… Read more »

Trigger Points

trigger points

Direct muscle injuries, poor posture, repetitive strain, or spine conditions such as a herniated disc can result in Trigger Points. Trigger points (TrPs) or muscle “knots” are sore spots in soft tissue that cause deep aching. Trigger points are commonly defined areas of tense muscles or knots in the muscle, which can be painful. Often,… Read more »