You Can Benefit from a Comprehensive Approach to Pain Care

Comprehensive Pain Management

Chronic pain is often difficult to pinpoint exactly where the pain is coming from or what is causing it. Doctors, even with the best intentions, often only have one tool available to treat their patients such as a narcotic or opioid to treat a very complex, multi-faceted issue. Yet, if chronic pain could be thoroughly… Read more »

How Do I Know If It’s Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Good question. There is acute pain and there is chronic pain. Acute pain is a normal sensation usually caused by some sort of trauma to the body. The feeling of having pain is actually a message from your brain telling you that you need to immediately do something because your body has been harmed in… Read more »

How Far Have We Come In Treating Depression?

Treating Depression with Ketamine

Depression in humans has always been a part of humankind. Healers, writers, and philosophers had each agreed throughout the ages that depression not only existed, but was either a physical or mental struggle for people the world over. Yet, they themselves had had their own struggles during those experiential times. “How does one heal another… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Chronic Pelvic Pain

Chronic Pelvic Pain

I’ve Heard About Chronic Pelvic Pain. Do I Have It? Ever get that sense that while you’ve been experiencing real, honest pain in your pelvic region, no one believes you? You know…that area that’s somewhere in between your belly button and your hip area? They tell you that since the severity of it comes and… Read more »