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Prescription Medication

Pain Relief Medicine Pain, whether acute or chronic, is often treated with pain relief medicine. Some of these pain medicines are over-the-counter (OTC) while others are prescribed by a medical professional. No matter the type of pain reliever, each is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And each come with their own warning… Read more »

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Stem Cells At Michigan Pain Consultants, one of the advanced treatment options we provide for patients living with chronic pain is stem cells. A regenerative medicine procedure called bone marrow aspirate concentrate is used to harvest stem cells. Bone marrow aspirate concentrate is a procedure that utilizes adult stem cells to naturally treat chronic pain… Read more »

Reducing Chronic Pain with Lifestyle Changes?

Reducing Chronic Pain With Lifestyle Changes

This is the New Year and with it comes all its aspirations in achieving those hard-fought resolutions! Losing weight, exercising, cleaning out the garage, saving money, and finally taking that cruise are all excellent goals. However, for many people, this year may just feel like another entire twelve long months of coping with the same… Read more »

Exercises That Can Help with Chronic Pain

Exercises For Chronic Pain

Oh no. It’s that time of year again when New Year’s resolutions rear their ugly head, forcing you to do something you really don’t want to. Exercise. For most, beginning a new exercise regimen can be a daunting task. We all know how important exercise is to maintaining good health, but sometimes even the thought… Read more »

Botox for Migraines?

Botox For Migraines

Botox, made from the bacteria that cause botulism and centers on the nerve activity in certain muscles, has become a famous treatment to strip away years from celebrities and anyone who wants to maintain a youthful appearance. Fuller lips, minimalized frown lines, and reduced crow’s feet around the eyes are only a few of the… Read more »