Psychogenic Pain
Psychogenic pain. Even the name of that type of pain sounds like “It’s all in your head”. But what is it actually? Chronic pain such as muscle pains, stomach pains, back pains, and headaches are very real to you. But are they physically what you’re experiencing? Of course they are, but are they also real to your current physician?

The physicians at Michigan Pain Consultants understand that psychogenic pain is not only real, but they have treatment programs for it. Let’s first find out where this pain comes from and why it’s lingering.

What is Psychogenic Pain?

People with depression and anxiety may report psychogenic pain all over their bodies, even when there is no apparent physical cause. Your mind can cause pain without a physical source and even make a preexisting pain increase or linger.

Nerve receptors transmit pain information to the brain. Yet, these messages can get lost along the way making it possible for the brain to interpret mental distress as physical pain. Many different psychological factors such as beliefs, emotions, fears, or mental illness such as depression or anxiety can trigger, exacerbate, or maintain the pain. Therefore, psychogenic pain, with often no physical cause, can be difficult to find and treat.

Behavioral Medicine

From the physicians at Michigan Pain Consultants: “Behavioral medicine focuses on how thoughts and behavior impact health and disease. It is designed to help a patient talk through their pain experience, identifying negative thoughts behaviors that might be contributing to their condition, and develop skills or coping mechanisms to help provide pain relief.”

Behavioral medicine includes:

  • Psychological testing to assess strengths and problem areas than can impact pain inducers.
  • Additional testing to assess brain function and dysfunctions.
  • Individual therapy can be suggested to address issues such as depression or anxiety and for coping with specific pains and emotions.
  • Biofeedback as well as Group therapy and family therapy are also available to help to understand the entire scope of underlying pain conditions.

If you want to know more about Behavioral Medicine ask your Pain Specialist at Michigan Pain Consultants if Behavioral Medicine can help with your pain treatment program.

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