Dr. Eric Kozfkay, a leader in West Michigan in regenerative medicine, provides comprehensive pain management using the latest
technologies. With access to a large toolbox that most practitioners don’t offer, he focuses on reducing his patients’ pain and suffering,
which, in turn, helps them regain joy and improve their quality of life.

When evaluating a patient’s symptoms, Dr. Kozfkay considers the person as a whole and uses active listening to understand their
needs and concerns. This creates a calm, comforting, open experience that helps build trust and communication.

Dr. Kozfkay is passionate about Orthobiologics, a process that uses patients’ own cells through platelet rich plasma (PRP) and bone
marrow aspirate concentration (BMAC) mesenchymal stem cells. He also thrives on helping people who suffer from PTSD, through the
use of Stellate ganglion blocks, ketamine, and breathing techniques, which can be a solution—and offer hope—when other therapies
and treatments have failed.

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