Michigan Pain Consultants comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to pain care offers patients and providers renewed hope for relief from chronic pain. Chronic pain should be treated like other chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma or congestive heart failure. Chronic pain requires chronic treatment. The goal of treatment is to optimize management of the pain, as opposed to curing the pain.

What is Comprehensive Pain Management

Effective pain management programs must provide pain care for patients and their families through the integration of medical, diagnostic and therapeutic services, functional rehabilitation, behavioral management and educational programs.


Mark Gostine, MD and Fred Davis, MD founded Michigan Pain Consultants, PC (MPC) in 1984 with a philosophy that chronic pain should be treated as other chronic medical conditions, utilizing the best methods of medicine and treating their patient as a whole, in managing their pain.

For over 30 years, Michigan Pain Consultants has been the place to bring your pain. It has grown from a single hospital-based clinic to several office based Pain Management Centers. Fourteen physician pain specialists, and a team of specially trained clinical staff offer pain care that’s close to home all around the West Michigan area.

Most of Michigan Pain Consultant’s physicians are Board Certified in Anesthesiology or Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and have trained specifically in Pain Management and/or Pain Medicine.