MPC Doctors Recognized As Top Physicians

GR Magazine Top Doctors

Congratulations to MPC physicians Dr. Thomas Basch, Dr. Eric Kozfkay, Dr. John Birgiolas and Dr. Mark Juska, Dr. Adam Powell and Dr. Kevin Nemeth for being recognized as top physicians in pain management in the Grand Rapids Magazine annual “Top Doctors” edition.

Study Evaluating Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate for Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain

Regenerative Medicine

A recent study published in the Pain Physicians Journal reports that the orthobiologic therapy bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC), shows significant promise as a non-surgical alternative treatment options for patients diagnosed with chronic lumbar spinal degeneration. Orthobiologic therapies such as bone marrow aspirate concentrate utilize a concentrated dose of autologous cells (cells extracted from ones… Read more »

The Phenomenon of Phantom Pain

Phantom Pain

Research indicates that most people who have had a limb removed report that it sometimes feels as if the amputated limb is still there. This painless phenomenon, known as phantom limb sensation, is not the same as phantom pain and most often this sensation fades. Phantom pain is pain that feels like it’s coming from… Read more »

What is a Medial Branch Block

Medial Branch Block

Chronic neck and back pain are debilitating conditions that affect millions of people every year. However, when a course of rest, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine, and other lifestyle pain management treatments such as exercising, eating well, and getting the proper sleep doesn’t work, doctors and patients look to other therapies for help. Medial branch blocks are… Read more »


Interventional Pain Management

Everyone experiences pain – backache, headache, joint pain – at some point in their life. Most often there are simple reasons for the pain, such as a minor injury, stress or overuse of a muscle or joint. Generally, the pain resolves within a week or less using traditional pain treatments. But what if your pain… Read more »